Certified translations

Foreign-language documents for official use

Various documents need to be translated for official purposes. If such documents are from abroad and if they are drawn up in English or in Russian, the Czech authorities require them to be translated into Czech by a court certified translator. Such translations are also referred to as official or certified translations. The same applies when an originally Czech document is to be submitted abroad. The original document or its authenticated copy is attached (stitched) to the printed translation to which the certified translator attaches his round stamp, signature and a translator’s clause that confirms that the translation literally agrees to the text of the attached document (the original).

Kinds of documents submitted

  • The following documents are submitted most often:
  • Birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Statements of criminal records
  • School reports and certificates
  • (University) diplomas
  • Powers of attorney
  • Statements
  • Lease and employment contracts
  • Bank documents
  • Business contracts
  • Tax documents, etc.

Document form

Before a client (you) submits a document for translation, I recommend he first consults the form of the documents with the respective Czech or foreign authority, school or company. Sometimes original documents are necessary but their authenticated copies usually suffice. The new Czech legislation allows using of simple copies in some cases. Original documents can be authenticated in the Czech Republic by a notary public, at a vital statistics office or at a post office. In some cases, authorities also require documents to bear a special seal called an apostille. (It is issued by foreign ministries and authenticates the government clerk’s signature attached to the document.) If I am to translate a Czech document into English or Russian, I should receive it already bearing all of the required authenticating stamps and seals the text of which will also be translated.

Electronic translations

The new Czech legislation already allows for the production of court translations in electronic form. Both the document and the translation are processed into a single pdf document to which a translator's clause is attached. In this case, the court translator's stamp is replaced by a qualified electronic signature

How do I submit a text to be translated by a certified translator?

As the original document (or its authenticated copy) must be attached (stitched) to the translation, it must be delivered to me in documentary form. A client from Hradec Králové or its near vicinity should, therefore, visit me twice – first to bring me the text for translation and then again to collect the translation. If you cannot come in person, both the document for translation and the completed translation can be sent by post. Another option would be to scan the document to be translated (incl. all authenticating stamps) and to send it to me by e-mail. I will prepare the translation according to the scanned document and let you know when it is ready. You can then come to my office with your document in hand; I will check that the translation is correct, print it and attach it to your document – all while you wait.

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