I provide interpreting services when a foreigner who does not have a good command of the Czech language is a party to official proceedings.

Courts of law and the Police

Interpreters for court proceedings are appointed directly by the judges (In criminal, civil and administrative (e.g. asylum) proceedings.). The Czech Police proceeds accordingly when there is a need to interpret interrogations or witness questionings. In such cases, the interpreter’s services are paid by the state.
Interpreting at the Czech Foreign Police, especially in cases of applications for residence permits, when the Foreign Police conduct an official interview. If the foreigner does not speak Czech, he/she has the right to a court interpreter but he/she has to arrange one at his/her own expense.


Notary Public

Interpreters are most often hired to attend meetings before notary publics where business matters are concerned. (This includes the establishment of companies, general meetings and changes in companies, for example.) If a foreigner who does not speak Czech is a member/shareholder of a company, an interpreter must participate in the dealings. The interpreter attaches his signature and official stamp to the document(s) to confirm that the foreigner has been acquainted with the dealings and the documents in a language that he has a command of. I can also then make an official written translation of the documents that were drawn by the notary public as part of the business dealings.

Government authorities

A certified translator/interpreter is also needed for other dealings with government authorities. Lately, I for example am more and more often invited to interpret recognition of paternity dealings at the vital statistics offices.


A certified interpreter has to be present at wedding ceremonies where one of the future spouses is a foreigner who does not have a good command of the Czech language. When hired to interpret at a wedding ceremony, I always first contact the appropriate registry and communicate with the wedding officer to make sure the ceremony proceeds smoothly at least in what concerns my interpreting services. I can also provide you with written official translations of those documents that you need to be able to enter into marriage.
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